Case Studies

National Retail Food Chain

A long-time leader and  one of the most widely recognized consumer brands in the food and  beverage industry they have grown to over 3,500 locations with over  60,000 store and 1,200 corporate employees across North America. The  chain’s commitment to maintaining a close relationship with franchisees  and the communities where it operates has helped generate immense  customer loyalty. They are dedicated to satisfying the changing tastes  of customers through continuous product innovation. As consumer tastes  grow, so do the choices. The current menu spans a broad range of  categories that appeal to customers throughout the day.

They have been using Hyperion Planning (HP) and Hyperion Financial  Management (HFM) for their corporate financial reporting, financial  & operational planning and reporting.

Challenge/opportunity Corporate  Chain Sales Reporting, Forecasting, Budgeting Financial Planning  Activities were still being done using numerous Excel spreadsheets and  MS Access databases.

Solution The  GoLiveSystems team using our RAPID GoLive™ Methodology implemented and  deployed Hyperion Planning for Chain Store Sales Reporting and  Budgeting. Also we installed the Warehouse Sales and Financial Planning  and Budgeting modules for both Operational and Financial departments.   To complete the project we deployed a consolidation process using  Hyperion Planning

Results Implementing Hyperion Planning resulted  in dramatic savings of time and effort in producing Weekly Chain Sales  Reporting. The Chain Sales Budgeting and Planning has successfully been  rolled out to 125 District Managers resulted in shortened budgeting and  forecasting cycles. Warehouse Forecasting, Budgeting and Reporting  efficiencies and accuracy have also been greatly improved. Centralized,  Operational and Financial Forecasting and Budgeting replaced  disconnected Excel and MS Access based planning. Budget Consolidations  are now being done rapidly and consolidated results reviewed and  reported to key executives.

International Products Distributor

As the World’s number one distributor of Building products, with over 45,000 employees and  4,400 branches in over 25 countries. With 220 branches coast-to-coast and more than 175,000 products, the Canadian operations are the most diverse supplier of products and customer solutions in the country. Their client base includes servicing everything from oil sands projects to retail showrooms.

Challenge They use Hyperion Planning and Essbase for Financial Reporting, Financial & Operational Budgeting & Planning. Now need to implement a Hyperion Planning solution for the corporate office to replace the current Hyperion Enterprise applications. Opportunity is to migrate from Hyperion Enterprise to Hyperion Planning System 11 and develop a robust Monthly Forecasting and Budgeting system.  The solution will speed up consolidations and enable end user Monthly Forecasting and Budgeting in other regions in Canada.

Solution GoLiveSystems is implementing Hyperion Planning in Phases. Phase I covered the migration of Hyperion Enterprise to Planning System 11 and migrating all the historical data into Planning. A robust integration process was also built using ODI to efficiently load and consolidate monthly data into Hyperion Planning from PeopleSoft GL. The current phase is focusing on building an enterprise wide monthly forecasting and budgeting system (Phases 2 and 3). Phase 4 will implement Management Dashboards for senior Management.

Result Implementing Hyperion Planning and Essbase resulted in dramatic savings, in time and effort in producing monthly Reporting packages.  Consolidation and reporting cycles were shortened. Consolidation time was reduced from over 20 minutes to less than 2 minutes each. A highly automated integration process enabled end users to perform consolidations in a flexible and fully audited process. End users now have quick access to the latest financial information using SmartView and Hyperion Reports.

Airline Operator

One of Canada’s largest airlines, providing service to and from lower  density markets as well as higher density markets at off-peak times  throughout Canada including certain destinations in the continental  United States.

The Airline uses Hyperion Planning Fusion Edition for Budgeting,  Forecasting, Planning and Reporting. They have been depending on an  older version (v4) of Hyperion Planning that is hosted on their mother  company’s servers for performing its Planning and Forecasting  activities. Their objective was to repatriate the Planning Application  from the mother organization’s UNIX servers and upgrade to System 11  Planning in a Windows, MS SQL Server and a virtualized infrastructure  using VM Ware.

Working closely and understanding the Airline team’s planning  needs GoLiveSystems repatriated and upgraded Hyperion Planning on the  client’s servers, including adding a robust integration processes to  extract and load data into Hyperion from the mother company’s GL (E7).  The full solution was implemented in Development and then successfully  in a Production environment on a VM Ware virtualized infrastructure.

Repatriating Hyperion Planning from their mother organization  enabled the Airline’s Finance and IT departments complete control and  autonomy in managing and supporting Hyperion Planning in-house. It was  GoLiveSystems’ experience that by supporting Hyperion Planning on VM  Ware it produced a significant reduction in hardware and maintenance  costs. By upgrading to System 11 Planning and Essbase resulted in  dramatic savings in time and effort in producing annual budgets and  Outlook forecasting. End users now have quick access to the latest  financial information using SmartView and Hyperion Reports.

Airport Real-time Passenger Flow Forecasting and Projections

The Scenario: Recently a common event took place at an international airport that caused undue stress and tension not only for airport but also for the passengers. Due to strong tailwinds, a number of wide-body, long flights with high passenger loads arrived well ahead of schedule. In addition, many commuter flights with shorter advanced notices were also early.  As a result, the number of staff planned to work that shift was far short of what was needed to handle the now increased passengers flow.

The Challenge: Handling and processing the incoming passengers within the airports SLA guidelines and improve guest experience.

The Result: Delays of approximately 6 hours to clear the large number of anxious passengers being held up at the pre-clearance area.

The Solution: How can such a scenario be avoided? Can your organization plan for the unexpected?

AirTransBI© Analytics Suite is built with precisely that purpose in mind: Providing your Operations, Finance and Executive teams the insight and ability to be able to react to the above scenario, in real time!

AirTransBI© is at your fingertips advising you in advance of an unplanned or disruptive event taking place?

AirTransBI© can be programmed to suggest the optimal response tactics to resolve the situation in a quickly!

Predictive Analytics are a must in today’s transportation business. This ability provides information, which can then be proactively acted upon improving not solely your organization’s bottom line, but also your overall customers’ satisfaction.

The chart below displays flights coming in early; our system projects impact, generates reports and directs alerts as required.

on time performance graph

Shows the increase in early flight arrivals.  This will impact passenger flow.

The generated predictive analytics (chart below) clearly show the projected impact of unexpected passenger traffic, providing the analytics with suggested staffing levels required to keep passenger wait times within the internal airport SLA.

passenger flow graph

The arriving passenger load Shifted due to early arrivals.
Resulting 6 hour backlog to clear.