Airport Real-time Passenger Flow Forecasting and Projections

Airport Real-time Passenger Flow Forecasting and Projections

The Scenario:
Recently a common event took place at an international airport that caused undue stress and tension not only for airport but also for the passengers.
Due to strong tailwinds, a number of wide-body, long flights with high passenger loads arrived well ahead of schedule. In addition, many commuter flights with shorter advanced notices were also early. As a result, the number of staff planned to work that shift was far short of what was needed to handle the now increased passengers flow.

The Challenge:
Handling and processing the incoming passengers within the airports SLA guidelines and improve guest experience.

The Result:
Delays of approximately 6 hours to clear the large number of anxious passengers being held up at the pre-clearance area.

The Solution:
How can such a scenario be avoided? Can your organization plan for the unexpected?

AirTransBI© Analytics Suite is built with precisely that purpose in mind: Providing your Operations, Finance and Executive teams the insight and ability to be able to react to the above scenario, in real time!

AirTransBI© is at your fingertips advising you in advance of an unplanned or disruptive event taking place?

AirTransBI© can be programmed to suggest the optimal response tactics to resolve the situation in a quickly!

Predictive Analytics are a must in today’s transportation business. This ability provides information, which can then be proactively acted upon improving not solely your organization’s bottom line, but also your overall customers’ satisfaction.

The chart below displays flights coming in early; our system projects impact, generates reports and directs alerts as required.

on time performance graph

Shows the increase in early flight arrivals. This will impact passenger flow.

The generated predictive analytics (chart below) clearly show the projected impact of unexpected passenger traffic, providing the analytics with suggested staffing levels required to keep passenger wait times within the internal airport SLA.

passenger flow graph

The arriving passenger load Shifted due to early arrivals.

Resulting 6 hour backlog to clear.