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Upgrade Migration OBIEE 10g to OBIEE 11g

Why upgrade to Oracle’s OBIEE 11g?

  • OBIEE 11g is vastly superior to OBIEE 10g
    • Aligned with Oracle’s vision for BI and EPM
    • Fully integrated with Oracle’s Fusion middleware
    • Significant new functionalities (Hierarchy management, Security enhancements, scalability and performance)
    • Support for additional data sources (Essbase, Endeca, OLAP, Hyperion etc.)
  • OBIEE 10g premium support is ending in July 2013

Why GoLiveSystems?

  • GoLiveSystems has extensive knowledge of both 10g and 11g platforms including product architecture
  • During  the migration process we include continual knowledge transfer and training, ensuring your team is comfortable and understands OBIEE 11g and provide the following;
    • Architectural understanding
    • Day to Day management
    • System life-cycle procedures

GoLiveSystems’ provides a comprehensive service to ensure your successful transition to OBIEE 11g Further Enhancements:

  • We create a custom “Approach” document detailing at a high level the implementation steps
  • Also identify and develop:
    • Current-state assessment template
    • Detailed customer resource requirements (e.g. Security/Web/DBA)


  • Migrate current 10g functionality to OBIEE 11g
  • Ensure that upgraded platform is configured the system architecture to satisfy your long term needs
  • Upgrade in a timely manner not to impact your day to day operations
  • Introduce your team to the latest features and benefits  of OBIEE 11g

Deliverables: Assessment Phase:

  • Typically 3-5 days,  GoLive Senior BI consultant will assess your current OBIEE 10g environment:
    • Number of environments, dashboards, subject areas, extent of customization, security model and usage etc.
  • Provide you with a clear picture on what to expect:
    • Optimized utilization of existing hardware.
    • Any new system requirements, licensing requirements, training, and technical skill requirements.
  • Work with your team and recommend an effective System Architecture for OBIEE 11g platform
  • Map out an upgrade path and action plan including Timelines and Resourcing.

Upgrade Phase:

  • Install OBIEE 11g in a test environment.
  • Upgrade 10g to 11g with correct patches and customizations applied.
  • Adopt the new OBI role based security
  • Work with your security administrator to Integrate OBIEE 11g into your security framework.
  • Assist your team in regression test plan development and execution.
  • Scale-up, Scale-out as necessary to provide properly scaled, load balanced, highly available environment for your UAT and Production.
  • Adoption of new features and configure the out-of-box parameters to support anticipated workload.
  • Assist your team in acceptance testing and production deployment.
  • Joint sessions with your team on following aspects of OBIEE 11g platform:
    • Architectural overview
    • New features and it’s applicability in your environment
    • Guidance on routine systems management procedures
    • Guidance on application deployment and life-cycle management


  • Assist in your migration efforts
  • Moving to different platform architecture.
  • E.g.  Migrating Windows 32-bit platform to Linux 64-bit platform architecture

Upgrade to EPM 11.2.x

GoLive’s infrastructure and functional consultants have carried out  many  upgrades to the latest Oracle Fusion releases from older versions  and  have developed a streamlined process for carrying out upgrade  projects,  often involving multiple applications and large amounts of  data.

Your Enterprise Performance software and applications, being on the  cutting-edge of technological advances need upgrades every few years to  leverage the advances in technology and to make new functionality  available to users. Since this task involves the preservation of the  existing data and functionality within the current application, the  tasks associated with an upgrade can be numerous.

Integrate ERP

The ability to of integrating your EPM and  ERP applications has always been a challenge. When EPM/BPM suites first  debuted companies have strived to improve the level of integration  between them and their ERP packages.   You can use off-the-shelf  data-sharing products such as middleware, EAI tools and ERP/EPM  connectors or develop your own proprietary connector components. Also  you can turn to the application programming interfaces (APIs) shipped  with the ERP systems themselves. But, as you might expect, each method  is not suitable for all integration projects.

GoLive’s integration specialists, have extensive experience in the  development of ETL interfaces from ERP/GL to Oracle EPM applications  whether it is SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards or Microsoft Dynamics. Our  team works with you to define and implement an integration roadmap to  Oracle EPM Application with the Oracle ETL toolset that best meets your  needs.

Contact us for an exploratory evaluation of your current situation and discussion of your needs.

Integrate Master Data Management

Master Data Data cleansing is at the heart of  Oracle MDM’s ability, turning your data into an enterprise asset. Only  standardized, de-duplicated, accurate, timely, and complete data can  effectively serve an organization’s applications, business processes,  and analytical systems.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition  (FDM) is a packaged solution that enables finance users to develop  standardized financial data management processes. FDM using a Web-based  guided workflow user interface with its data preparation server eases  integrating and validating financial data from any of your source  systems. And to further reduce your data integration costs and data  mapping complexities, Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management  includes optional prepackaged EPM Adapters for Hyperion Financial  Management, Hyperion Planning, Oracle Essbase and Hyperion Enterprise.

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management (DRM) provides the  industry’s first data model-agnostic master data management solution  built to enable financial and analytical master data management in  dynamic, fast-changing business environments.

Financial Master Data Management Create an  enterprise view of financial chart of accounts, cost centers and legal  entities with a view to govern on-going financial management and  consolidation based on consistent definitions of financial and reporting  structures across general ledger systems, financial consolidation,  planning and budgeting systems.

Analytical Master Data Management Create an  enterprise view of analytical dimensions, reporting structures,  performance measures and their related attributes and hierarchies using  Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management’s data model-agnostic  foundation. Construct departmental perspectives that bear referential  integrity and consistency with master data constructs based on  validations and business rules that enforce enterprise governance  policies. Synchronize master data with downstream systems including  business intelligence (BI)/enterprise performance management (EPM)  systems, data warehouses and data marts to gain trustworthy insight.

GoLive’s consultants have extensive experience in designing and  deploying MDM, FDM and DRM solutions. Our team integrates with your team  to create and implement a roadmap for the optimal solution to fit your  needs. Contact us for an exploratory discussion of your current  situation.