ERP Systems with Hyperion or EPM Cloud

The ability to of integrating your EPM and  ERP applications has always been a challenge. When EPM/BPM suites first  debuted companies have strived to improve the level of integration  between them and their ERP packages.   You can use off-the-shelf  data-sharing products such as middleware, EAI tools and ERP/EPM  connectors or develop your own proprietary connector components. Also  you can turn to the application programming interfaces (APIs) shipped  with the ERP systems themselves. But, as you might expect, each method  is not suitable for all integration projects.

GoLive’s integration specialists, have extensive experience in the  development of ETL interfaces from ERP/GL to Oracle EPM applications  whether it is SAP, PeopleSoft,  EBS, JD Edwards or Microsoft Dynamics. Our  team works with you to define and implement an integration roadmap to  Oracle EPM Application with the Oracle ETL toolset that best meets your  needs.

Contact us for an exploratory evaluation of your current situation and discussion of your needs.