Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA) to OBIEE/OBIA or Oracle Analytics Cloud

Migrate OFA

Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA) Like many Oracle  customers that have large and strategic investments in Oracle Financial  Analyzer (OFA), these investments not only include license costs but  also your proprietary business logic that is embedded in the  implementation, the user training and the execution of your key business  processes.

Oracle has issued a de-support notice (Note:365197.1) for OFA so businesses should begin looking at possible migration paths, even if in the short term they chose to do nothing while they assess the situation.

  • Error Correction Support (bug fixes) ended in 2009
  • Extended Support stops at the end of 2010.

What will happen past 1st January 2011? Will your OFA system still  work? Yes your OFA application will operate as normal, but consider the  implications of operating without vendor support. You must begin to look  at your upgrade/migration options. Hyperion Planning, Essbase and  OBIEE are core parts of Oracle’s Performance Management (EPM)  application strategy, for your organization to consider. Customers  currently using OFA as an analytical tool (OLAP), can receive the  immediate benefit of Essbase’s powerful OLAP engine and then further  extend it through virtually unlimited customizations to gain full  benefit of the many extended capabilities of Essbase.

GoLive consulting teams are Essbase experts and have extensive  experience in OFA, Hyperion and OBIEE technologies. We will work with you to  define a roadmap that successfully  executes your switch over, including  training for your user base to a new state-of-the-art OLAP toolset and  its extended application Hyperion Planning or OBIEE and/or Oracle Visual Analytics based on the  strategic vision of your organization.