Upgrade OBIEE

Why upgrade to Oracle’s OBIEE 12gc?

  • OBIEE 12c is vastly superior to OBIEE 10g+
    • Aligned with Oracle’s vision for BI and EPM
    • Fully integrated with Oracle’s Fusion middleware
    • Significant new functionality (Hierarchy management, Security enhancements, scalability and performance)
    • Support for additional data sources (Essbase, Visual Analytics, OLAP, Hyperion etc.)
    • Built for cloud applications
  • OBIEE 10g+ premium support sunset

Why GoLiveSystems?

  • GoLiveSystems has extensive knowledge of both 10g and 11g platforms including product architecture
  • During  the migration process we include continual knowledge transfer and training, ensuring your team is comfortable and understands OBIEE 11g and provide the following;
    • Architectural understanding
    • Day to Day management
    • System life-cycle procedures

GoLiveSystems’ provides a comprehensive service to ensure your successful transition to OBIEE 12c  Further Enhancements:

  • We create a custom “Approach” document detailing at a high level the implementation steps
  • Also identify and develop:
    • Current-state assessment template
    • Detailed customer resource requirements (e.g. Security/Web/DBA)


  • Migrate current 10g functionality to OBIEE 12c
  • Ensure that upgraded platform is configured the system architecture to satisfy your long term needs
  • Upgrade in a timely manner not to impact your day to day operations
  • Introduce your team to the latest features and benefits  of OBIEE 12c

Deliverables: Assessment Phase:

  • Typically 3-5 days,  GoLive Senior BI consultant will assess your current OBIEE  environment:
    • Number of environments, dashboards, subject areas, extent of customization, security model and usage etc.
  • Provide you with a clear picture on what to expect:
    • Optimized utilization of existing hardware.
    • Any new system requirements, licensing requirements, training, and technical skill requirements.
  • Work with your team and recommend an effective System Architecture for OBIEE 12c platform
  • Map out an upgrade path and action plan including Timelines and Resourcing.

Upgrade Phase:

  • Install OBIEE 12c in a test environment.
  • Upgrade 10g/11g to 12c with correct patches and customizations applied.
  • Adopt the new OBI role based security
  • Work with your security administrator to Integrate OBIEE 12c into your security framework.
  • Assist your team in regression test plan development and execution.
  • Scale-up, Scale-out as necessary to provide properly scaled, load balanced, highly available environment for your UAT and Production.
  • Adoption of new features and configure the out-of-box parameters to support anticipated workload.
  • Assist your team in acceptance testing and production deployment.
  • Joint sessions with your team on following aspects of OBIEE 12c platform:
    • Architectural overview
    • New features and it’s applicability in your environment
    • Guidance on routine systems management procedures
    • Guidance on application deployment and life-cycle management


  • Assist in your migration efforts
  • Moving to different platform architecture.
  • E.g.  Migrating Windows 32-bit platform to Linux 64-bit platform architecture