Oracle Essbase

Essbase Solutions

GoLive’s consultants are proficient in the end-to-end development and  deployment of Oracle’s Hyperion Essbase platform to meet all of your  Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and business intelligence (BI)  needs. Having implemented Essbase from the very first releases (Arbor  thru Oracle), we believe that we bring a level of expertise that is  unmatched in the industry.

We have the expertise in building BI Solutions that quickly provide  returns on the technology investment, many times over. Even for small  organizations with revenues less than 10 million there is an Essbase  solution available. The technology can then scale with little or no  investment as your organization’s information needs grow.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase is the industry-leading multi-dimensional  online analytical processing (OLAP) server, providing a rich environment  for effectively developing custom analytic and enterprise performance  management applications. By leveraging its self-managed and rapid  application development capabilities, business users can quickly model  complex business scenarios.

For example; line-of-business personnel can simply and rapidly  develop and manage analytic applications that can forecast likely  business performance levels and deliver “what-if” analyses for varying  conditions. Oracle Hyperion Essbase supports extremely fast query  response times for vast numbers of users, large data sets, and complex  business models.

Oracle Hyperion is also tightly integrated with all the other EPM  offerings providing instant analytical capabilities for the data  collected through the various applications.